Family-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling: Designing a Space For Everyone

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Many homeowners are starting to prioritize family-friendly kitchen remodeling. A family-friendly kitchen meets everyone’s requirements and preferences and truly makes the kitchen the center of the home.

Family-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling: Designing a Space For Everyone

When considering kitchen remodeling, here are a few tips to ensure it’s the family-friendly space you’re hoping for:

  • Open floor plan. Open floor plans improve visibility and interaction in family-friendly kitchens. You can easily watch your kids while cooking when boundaries are removed, and a better flow is established. Our team can evaluate your current space and provide you with options for creating an open floor plan.
  • Storage. A kitchen needs storage and organization. To get everyone involved, assign each family member a space to keep organized. Adjustable shelves and pull-out organizers make objects accessible for kids of all ages and heights, allowing for more effortless organization.
  • Safety. Family-friendly kitchen remodeling should prioritize safety. Choose scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean materials. Rounded countertop edges and soft-close cabinet doors reduce accidents, especially for younger children.
  • Buy family-friendly appliances. Choose a fridge with child-friendly shelves and drawers or a dishwasher with adjustable racks to let them help with cleaning. Safety is also essential here – be sure to choose a cool-to-touch oven or an oven that automatically switches off after a specific amount of time.
  • Designated zones. Separate the kitchen into activity zones. Set aside space for cooking, eating, and storing. Create a message center or blackboard wall for family messages and schedules. Add a comfy seating area or small desk for kids to perform homework or other activities in the kitchen. Talk with our team about how your family functions in the space to create the best plan.
  • Family-friendly seating. Choose a cozy breakfast nook or built-in banquette for casual dining if space allows. A large table with comfortable chairs or benches also invites family dinners and gatherings. Depending on how you will use that space, you might also add a few bar stools to the island.

Family-friendly kitchen remodeling should take your family’s needs into consideration. At Legendary Construction INC, we understand families. Discuss your needs for a family-friendly kitchen with us, and let our team make your vision a reality. Call us today for a consultation.