Screened Porches, Winston‑Salem, NC

We offer construction and maintenance services for screened porches, so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Many people like the idea of spending time in the outdoors, only to find the experience disappointing when they actually try it. After all, the outdoors has fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful landscapes, but it also has poison ivy and mosquitoes. For those looking to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors without the possible discomforts, screened porches are an ideal solution. Our team here at Legendary Construction INC can help you create the perfect screened porch to give you the comfortable outdoor living space you deserve.

Screened Porches in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

A lot of homes in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area already have porches as part of their original construction, but not all of them have screens. If you live in such a home, then you can call our team at Legendary Construction INC to screen in your existing porch so that you can enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes without having to put up with pesky mosquitoes. If your home doesn’t have a porch at all, we can fix that too, and create a screened porch that perfectly suits your needs.

At Legendary Construction INC, we know a lot about both installing and maintaining outdoor structures like screened porches. One of the biggest environmental stressors of any porch is moisture, and we know all about how to deal with it. We’ll make sure your screened porch is treated with all the right materials to prevent water from penetrating into the structure, so you can continue to enjoy your porch for years to come.

If you are thinking of adding a screened porch to your home, call our team at Legendary Construction INC today to find out more about how we can help.

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